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Industry News

From July 3, 2021, the EU bans the sale of such products. Do you understand?


It is reported that from July 3, 2021, the EU will no longer allow the sale of plastic straws, plastic tableware and other plastic products, including plastic bags that are declared to be biodegradable, because such degradable plastic bags will also produce non-degradable micro Plastics, so such biodegradable plastics are also prohibited. With immediate effect, all catering industries will no longer be allowed to provide consumers with any plastic tableware, and will use tableware made of bamboo, cellulose or other biodegradable materials.

Although the EU's measures this time are very strict, not all plastic products are banned. Disposable bags, bottles, takeaway boxes, packaging, wrapping paper, cigarette filters, hygiene products and wet wipes can still be sold, but manufacturers must pay additional cleaning costs and need to inform their consumers that the products are harmful to the environment Impact.

It is understood that EU countries have additional bans on the basis of this ban. For example, France will ban plastic packaging for most fruits and vegetables, plastic tea bags and plastic toys provided in children’s menus; Germany will ban polystyrene plastic food packaging; in Luxembourg, it will ban disposable plastic products sold during holidays; In Greece, government agencies banned the use of single-use plastic products in February; Belgium and Italy will impose taxes on plastics to prevent their use. The EU's plastic restriction order will promote the development of its circular economy model, and manufacturers and sellers of plastic products need to find another way out.